December 24, 2014

Friday Nights

black booties JustFab booties

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I can't believe Christmas is here tomorrow!   This is my favorite holiday!  I am heading home to Miami today and I cannot wait to be home with my family!  I haven't been down to Miami since last Christmas and this is the longest I have ever been away from home!  I am shaking with excitement!!!  I am looking forward to our traditional Christmas breakfast!  As long as I can remember, before anyone opens any gifts, we always get together around the table and have a family breakfast.  Christmas is just not the same for me if I am not there with everyone at the table.  Also, I look forward every year to my dad's Christmas ham!  I just think no ones make it better than my dad.  I even call ahead and make sure he is making it and of course he teases me and tells me he is not sure, and that I will just have to wait and see!   Along with that, I can't wait for all the home cooking, the curries, the roti, my mouth is just watering thinking about it.  I know I am definitely bringing back any leftovers with me to New York!  

Along with celebrating Christmas, a good friend celebrated their birthday last Friday and we got together for a night out.   I wore one of my Black Friday deals, a long grey sweater from BCBG.  It is actually very light which means that this will easily be worn all the way into spring.  I jazzed it up a bit with my faux leather sleeved blazer from Zara, faux leather panel pants from Mandee, and booties from JustFab.   I like how the leather accents pulled this look together and gave it a sexy feel.  I was looking for a pair of leather panel pants last year and found a number of high priced pairs but was so excited when I came across these for only $29 at Mandee!  Since they aren't full leather pants, they are perfect to wear to the office on a casual Friday with a blazer and be able to go out straight from work.  Always great to find pieces I can take from day to night!

Thanks for reading and Have a Merry Christmas!


leather sleeve blazer

chain link necklace accessories

leather pants leather panel pants


December 22, 2014

Astoria Finds: Lockwood Style

Astoria may not be known as a fashion haven but the boutiques are slowly making their way over and will soon change that.  One of those is Lockwood Style, the sister company to Lockwood Home.  This adorable boutique has great fashion finds such as the cozy white jacket I have on below, which will be part of an outfit post soon!  You will also find great accessories to add to your wardrobe as well and some of the cutest purses.  Lockwood Style carries affordable clothing in sizes ranging from 2-20.  The inventory or trendy skirts and dresses are great for holiday parties and any last minute holiday gifts!  

The boutique is so cute and there are so many great finds in every corner of the store.  Its almost like shopping in your own living room.  You can find cozy gloves and dainty necklaces to trendy coffee table books.  I am so happy this store has opened in Astoria and I know I will find myself here very often!  Make sure to find your way over to Broadway and 33rd street to shop this great boutique.

December 16, 2014

Sweater dress

sweater dress french connection sweater dress

bib necklace pearl necklace statement necklace

I love to wear dresses…now.  I have noticed that I have definitely gone through many stages in my life when it comes to my wardrobe.  There was a time when I was a child that I never wore long pants, I just hated pants.  Living in Miami also made that easy…it was either a skirt or shorts!  I remember visiting my cousins in New York and my aunt had to find a pair of pants for me to go outside to play in since I didn't pack any.  I don't think she was too happy about that.  Then when I started high school, I had to learn really quickly to like pants since we were not allowed to wear shorts to school.  Eventually through the years and once I started working in an office, I began to love pants…I could wear a pair of slacks everyday if possible.  I thought that if I wore these all the time and a pair of heels, everyone would think I was taller!  As I got older, I embraced my girly side and now, I love to wear dresses.  If I could wear them all year long, I would.  Now that it is colder, I still find a way by reaching for sweater dresses with opaque tights for the warmth, along with a huge puffy coat, of course!  

I bought this sweater dress at French Connection which go great with my Tahari booties I found at TJMaxx.  One of my best finds this season!  I really like how French Connection dresses fit.  They are comfortable and accentuate in the right places.  I also scored a great deal at NY & Company and bought this silver bib necklace.  It goes with so many outfits and will be on heavy rotation this season!

Thank you for reading!


black and white stripes french connection dress

sweater dress knit dress striped dress

December 8, 2014

Polka Dots

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  By now, everyone has finally finished all of their Thanksgiving leftovers and have begun to put up their Christmas tree!  I spent Thanksgiving with my husbands family and brought home so much food!  It was great, especially not having to cook for a little while!  Now on to Christmas....this is my favorite time of the year!  I absolutely love Christmas, the decorations, the holiday spirit, the time with friends and family.  I will be heading home to Miami to spend Christmas with my family but in the mean time, I am trying to enjoy each day this season and share in the holiday spirit with as many people as possible.  

The holiday season also allows me to get dressed up as often as possible!  It the warmer days after Thanksgiving, I styled this Gap jeweled sweater to go along with my festive mood.  I think polka dots are so adorable and had to purchase this skirt from Banana Republic Factory Store when I saw it.  This is a very light take on mixing patterns since the jeweled sweater looks like a smaller polka dot print from far.  I layered a white long sleeve blouse to break up the dark blue hue and added only a pearl necklace since the sweater was jeweled as well.  I love this look, its perfect for a sunny day or even the office.  If you haven't noticed, I try to buy pieces that I can interchange between the office and going out.  The sweater and skirt compliment each other so well and I look forward to mixing them with different pieces in the future. 

Sweater: Gap (similar), Skirt: Banana Republic, Blouse: Theory, Shoes: Club Monaco

November 30, 2014

Astoria Finds: Sanfords

Going out for brunch was not something that I was used to doing when I was growing up in Miami.  I was so used to always making and having breakfast at home as a family affair.  As it became more popular, there were still very limited options on places to go.  It wasn't very common for us to go but it became a treat to head out for brunch but it was always to the same one or two places that we knew of.  Then I moved to New York, and now I love brunch.  I can't understand not going out for brunch now.  I sometimes think when friends come to visit, they are wondering why I am so insistent on going out to eat instead of making breakfast at home.  And that is when I take them to Sanfords...

One of my favorite things about living in Astoria is all of the great brunch options I have that are all walking distance of one another.  I have been to a number of different places but I always come back to my favorite spot, Sanfords, located on Broadway at the corner of 31st Street  It has been in Astoria since 1922 but has been transformed into a modern space that is open 24 hours.  I found Sanfords when I first moved to Astoria and had to make a conscious effort to try different places just because I found myself only going here.  But for good reason, the food and service is always on point.  You never have to worry about not enjoying your time here.  The people that work here are so nice and remember us every time they see us.  You can always count on everything you order to be tasty and you especially cannot beat the incredible brunch deal they offer.   A brunch entree along with 2 brunch cocktails, and your choice of juice or coffee, all for $16.  There is always a wait here but it is truly worth it.  These are the reasons that I will keep on going back to my favorite brunch location and houseguests certainly agree. 

Sanfords astoria brunch

astoria bloody mary sanfords resaturant

astoria brunch sanfords bloody mary

November 26, 2014

Grey Matters

grey siwy jeans skinny jean grey sweater

This is only my third year in New York but this has been the best Fall for me yet.  We even had a day that reached 70 degrees.  It has had its up and downs and now, the day before Thanksgiving, snow is falling.  This can really wreak havoc on those planning to travel for the holidays.  I will be here in New York for Thanksgiving but know that I will have to worry about the same thing when Christmas rolls around.  This can be very stressful especially when people have been planning to see family that they do not see on a regular basis.  I wish everyone luck in their travels today and a stress free holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


siwy jeans grey skinny jean black heels
Sweater: Romeo & Juliet, Jeans: Siwy, Shoes: Club Monaco, Purse: Aldo

grey sweater grey skinny siwy jeans

November 23, 2014

Ladylike Style

H&M tweed jacket Theory blouse, banana republic pants

Happy Sunday, hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  The weather finally warmed up this Sunday and it was nice to head out without a large, heavy jacket.  Sunny days like this are best spent outside to get the most out of these sporadic days of warmer weather.

The jacket I am wearing was actually purchased last year from H&M.  It is such a feminine jacket and goes well with this classic white blouse from Theory.  At one point, I barely owned any white blouses and now my closet is filled with long, button down white tops.  They have become a staple in my wardrobe.   Also, I always have a hard time finding pants to fit well and I was able to find these at Banana Republic.  They are straight and cut for petite sizing and also has a little stretch in them which adds to their great fit.  I just recently found these shoes at a Club Monaco sale and they are so comfortable, love finding heels I can walk around in for a while!   You can never have too many black heels!  This outfit is casual enough for Sunday outings but also can easily be worn to the office.  

Thank you for reading,


Chanel vintage purse white blouse black pants tweed jacket

white silk blouse black banana republic pants

Chanel vintage purse black lambskin purse chanel
Jacket: H&M, Blouse: Theory, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Club Monaco, Purse: Chanel

black pants white blouse tweed blazer tweed jacket

November 18, 2014

The work sheath

Hello, hope everyone had a great weekend.  It has just been getting colder and colder.  Luckily before I needed to wear tights, I was able to wear this dress to work.  The classic sheath dress is always a great option for the office.  This dress from Asos has just the right amount of stretch which allows it to fit perfectly and really accentuate your positive aspects.  To offset the grey color and give it a little pop, I added pink accessories.  

Now, with the weather as cold it is, its time to pull out the tights and hefty jackets!

Thank you for reading,


grey dress sheath dress asos dress

asos grey sheath dress pink necklace
Dress: Asos, Shoes: JustFab
asos grey dress pink bib necklace

asos dress grey dress pink bib necklace

November 12, 2014

Faux Fur Vest on a Fall Day

faux fur vest bb dakota fur vest faux fur

It has been a long three weeks.  Work has been very demanding and i've been pulling 13-14 hour days for way too long.  It comes with the territory and expected at the end of each quarter.  Still, I am exhausted and ready to finally have a break and take some much needed time off.  The weekends are really never enough since you spend that time getting everything accomplished that you can't during the week.  A day off in the middle of the week is one of the best things.  You get to really recharge and relax.  My husband's office honors Veteran Day so I thought today would be a nice time to take it off as well.  We spent the day getting a couple's massage and having lunch together. I felt bad not being able to sit and have dinner at home with my husband for a while so I thought I would make it up to him.  Luckily for me, he is very understanding but I just wanted to show him my appreciation.  It is so important to make quality time for yourself and those you care about.  Does anyone else feel like there is just never enough time?

The weather was also incredible today.  I wore this faux fur vest that kept me warm as the sun set and the temperature got a little cooler.  The fur vest goes well with this dress from French Connection.  This is one of my favorite and most versatile dresses.   In the summer I wore it out and about with sandals, threw a blazer over it and wore it to the office with heels, and now on this fall day, paired it with knee high boots.  Added a fun necklace to give it a pop of color and was on my way to enjoy the day!

Thank you for reading,


french connection long sleeve dress

black and white striped dress french connection
Dress: French Connection(similar), Vest: Jack by BB Dakota (similar), Boots: Modern Vintage, Necklace: Amrita Singh (similar)

fur vest striped dress black and white

November 4, 2014

Astoria Finds: Tailor Sop

It is so important to find a tailor who really knows their way around a sewing machine.  Someone you can trust with your favorite pieces and who cares about the clothes as much as you do.  I've found that person right here in Astoria and I know when I take my clothes there, I will get the honest truth about what can be done and feel safe knowing that when I do get my pieces back, I will be completely happy with it.  I found Elena at the Tailor shop, located on 36th Street and 31st Avenue,  last year when I needed a dress hemmed for my cousins wedding.  Since then, I have had skirts taken in, dresses and pants altered to fit better and now my husband has joined and taken a few pair of his suits to be altered.  Elena really understands how to make clothes fit the woman's body and makes every piece compliment me much more than they did before.

Your clothes are special to you and its important to not have to worry when they are in someone else's hands.  A good seamstress knows how to treat different fabrics and can give you the best recommendation for each piece.  Great seamstresses are rare and I am so happy to have found one right here in Astoria!

astoria seamstress tailor sewing machine

tailor shop astoria seamstress

November 3, 2014

Pink & Pink

zara pink sweater pink pants

My favorite color is pink which is hard to tell from all the blue I have been wearing lately.  As a child, I actually hated pink thinking it was too girly and low and behold....I am now super girly!  Also, I wanted to wear this before October ended to show my support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  A dear friend of mine was diagnosed last year a month before her wedding.  A year later, she has come out of it stronger and more beautiful each and every day.

I got this soft pink sweater from Zara and paired it with these maroon pants from a local Astoria boutique, Hanger. I find so many great pieces there!  The sweater is so comfy and great for this fall weather.  It is an over-sized sweater yet still very flattering.  I wore these maroon pointed heels that are much more comfortable than they look.  I went with simple gold and white accessories including an Amrita Singh necklace that adds a bit of glamour to any outfit with this layered piece.  Very comfy outfit to spend the day hanging out with family.

coach leather wrap bracelet bangles gold
Sweater: Zara, Pants: Hangar, Shoes: Kenneth Cole, Bag: BCBG, Necklace: Amrita Singh, Bracelets: Coach, Mark Jacobs
kenneth cole pumps red pants pink zara sweater

pink sweater zara gold necklace gold bangles marc jacobs

pink outfit breast cancer awareness

October 28, 2014

Astoria Finds: Taverna Kyclades

So in one months time, I have been to two Greek restaurants in the neighborhood.  It just so happens that when anyone comes to meet me in Astoria for lunch or dinner, they always want to try a Greek restaurant, understandably so.  This time we headed to Taverna Kyclades and I can see why this is one of the most popular greek restaurants around.  They have a great seafood selection and the portions are plentiful.  You definitely come here for authentic greek food and seafood.  

We made it one Sunday afternoon and the place was crowded, it didn't take long though to get a seat but even as crowded as it was, we never felt rushed.  We spent time talking, catching up, and enjoying a range of lamb, greek salad with some of the best feta I have ever had and stuffed fish entrees.  I see why this is one of the must go to spots in Astoria!  

calamari greek restaurant taverna kyclades astoria
calamari greek restaurant taverna kyclades astoria
calamari greek restaurant taverna kyclades astoria

October 26, 2014

Sweater Weather

Zara sweater stripe sweater blue sweater

I am so happy for the weekends.  I look forward to them and treasure every minute because my weekday has turned out to not be as balanced as I expected.  Work/life balance is very important to me and its unfortunate when its not promoted.  I, along with others, have been putting in thirteen to fourteen hour days with little to no recognition.  This could be due to a number of things, understaffed, last minute deadlines, poor management but regardless, it is exhausting.  So when the weekend comes, I try to get as much done as possible and spend every minute with my husband.  We've only been married six months and sometimes I feel as if I never get to see him.  I even stayed until 1am last Friday so I wouldn't have to go in during the weekend so I could spend it with him.

Last weekend, we visited my cousin and her family.  There was a nice chill but not too cold and this Zara sweater is a great addition to my sweater collection and it was an unbelievable price.  They have so many great sweaters this season, it was hard to narrow it down.  I realized that I really like stripe shirts and sweaters.  I also know that I like very light pants and these Theory slacks are comfortable without being too thick.  Once again, these were supposed to be cropped pants but I am just too short.  I layered an Ann Taylor classic white button down and my black heels with the gold tips which I accented with a gold necklace and bangle.  A casual outfit to relax and much needed unwinding. 

Zara striped sweater navy stripe sweater
Sweater: Zara, Pants: Theory, Shirt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: JustFab, sold out, Bag: Cole Haan

3oth avenue astoria zara theory pants

gold bangles gold necklace stripe sweater