January 26, 2015

Astoria Finds: Astoria Coffee

astoria coffee shop coffee delivery in astoria

Something all New Yorkers love is a good cup of coffee and I have found it right here in Astoria.  Astoria Coffee is the cutest coffee shop that opened right around the corner from me last summer.  It is located at 30-04 30th Street in the cutest space.  Astoria Coffee Shop started out as a bean delivery service and has become an adorable location to come with friends and unwind over a cup or coffee from roasters all over the country.  There are small tables as well as one larger communal table and has an intimate yet comfortable feel.  I wish this place was around when I was studying for the CPA, it is the perfect place to get studying done.    

They also offer pastries as well from local bakeries.  I really love how they are representing and supporting our Astoria neighborhood.  For fun, they have dueling tip jars where they place two options for a category on a specific category, i.e. Batman or Superman, and the jar filled with the most tips wins.  In addition, they have "Astoria" mugs for sale, which I had to have!    
My favorite part though, other than the coffee, of course, is the gorgeous Astoria sign on their main wall.  With this coffee shop in close proximity to me, there is no way I won't be back very soon!

astoria coffee shop coffee house

astoria latte coffee cafe

January 25, 2015

eShakti - Customization Dreams Come True

blue blazer blue lace dress

I am always on the lookout for new dresses.  Dresses to wear to work, to wear to lunch, too travel, the list goes on.  I love a versatile dress and one custom made to fit me is even better!  eShakti, an online women's fashion apparel company offering sizes 0-36W and custom clothing, reached out to me to collaborate and I was so impressed with their large selection.  There were so many great items to choose from and it actually took me a while to finally decide on this blue dress.  It stood out because of the shape and the lace overlay.  It is also very different from anything I currently have which quickly drew me to it.

eShakti's customization was seamless and easy for anyone to do.  You have the option to specify each piece to exactly how you want, from length to sleeve style.  They make sure to get every single measurement you can think of to make it possible for each piece made to fit your specific frame.  The quality of their work is impeccable.  The craftmanship was exemplary.  The most amazing aspect is that this is all at an affordable price.  I am completely thrilled with the entire process and the finished product.  I highly recommend this online fashion company to everyone!  You won't be disappointed.  Also, for all my readers, you can use promotional code "astoriainheels" to get 10% off when you shop at eShakti from now until 2/27/14.

For the office, I decided to pair this blue lace dress with my H&M navy blazer, black tights and simple black heels.  The dress is very intricate with the lace overlay and I wanted to keep the other aspects of the outfit very simple.  This dress will easily transition from one season to the next and look forward to wearing it this summer without the blazer and tights.  But for now, gotta keep warm!

Thank you for reading,


tailored dress blue blazer blue lace dress

blue dress lace dress blue blazer h&m blazer
Dress: eshakti, Blazer: H&M(similar), shoes: Nine West

tailored dress blue on blue dress and blazer

January 13, 2015

Christmas in January

I had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas once more in January!  I am so overjoyed that I was able to be a part of my good friend, Selam's, annual Habesha Christmas Potluck.  She is Ethiopian and Christian Ethiopians follow the Julian calendar which celebrate Christmas on January 7 instead of the 25th of December from the Gregorian calendar.  It was a congregation of great friends and family with music and incredible food!  There were traditional Ethiopian dishes such as injera and doro wat and everything tasted exceptional.  I filled my plate to the rim!

When I think of holidays, I definitely think of metallics. This gold and black skirt screams holidays to me!  It is festive and fun.  I kept it simple with the classic black turtleneck and black tights to keep warm.  It wasn't the warmest of temperatures this past Saturday, actually only 8 degrees, so I had to bundle up!  I was looking for a well structured black wool coat and I found this Tahari coat last winter.  It fits well and goes perfectly well with my office attire as well.  I always try to find pieces that I can transition from work to going out.  For a little added glamour, I wore my gold heels to pull it all together.  Its surprising how many outfits these actually go well with.  

Thanks for reading,


gold necklace alexis bittar justfab gold shoes

alexis bittar gold necklace

alexis bittar gold necklace
Skirt: Ena (on Steinway), Top: French Connection, Coat: Tahari, Shoes: JustFab

alexis bittar gold necklace

alexis bittar gold necklace gold jewelry

January 9, 2015

Lincoln Road

7 for all mankind white jeans white skinny jeans

I can't believe that it was just a little over a week ago that I was in Miami and it was in the 80's!  It is currently 8 degrees outside here in New York but I keep telling myself to think "warm thoughts".  I went home to Miami for the Christmas holiday and of course, it was too short of a vacation.  Whenever I tell anyone that I am heading down to Miami, everyone automatically envisions a vacation of relaxing on the beach, eating at the great restaurants, and heading out to the many bar and clubs but when I go to Miami, I spend most of my time visiting as many family and friends houses as I can.  And I enjoy doing that!  I grew up down there and I have known my friends since grade school, they are my family!  It is hard being away from everyone but I always try my hardest to see as many people as possible.  I will feel awful if I am down there and don't get to spend time with the people who I have known almost my entire life.

Fortunately, I was able to fit in a few hours on Lincoln Road on South Beach, before heading back to my parents home for dinner, of course.  I realized how much I missed it, being in the warm weather, the sun shining bright with people from all over the world all congregating on this popular palm tree lined street!  I couldn't help but reminisce to the days I would head out to Lincoln Road on a Friday night, after work for happy hour and end up hanging out with friends for hours on end, which we were able to do year round.  Those days were so much fun!  So for this visit, I chose to wear all white, since in Miami, there is only one season...Hot!  

I pulled out this French Connection top I purchased at the end of summer in Montreal.  It is so light and airy.  I didn't have the opportunity to wear it too often here so was very happy this trip gave my a chance to pull it out of my closet.  Also, I think white jeans are a staple for every woman's closet.  They pair well with everything and brighten up any outfit.  Once again, I bought a cropped pair of jeans and they fit me at the perfect length.  I love wearing all white, it is simple yet classy.  It also serves as the best background to highlight this gold necklace.  With just a few simple bangles, the necklace creates the focal point and takes this outfit from day to night along with my blue heels from JustFab.  These shoes are so surprisingly comfortable and most importantly, affordable.

So while I am walking around here in freezing temperatures, I will think back to the day when I was wearing open toe sandals and an open back top in Miami in December!

Thank you for reading,


white cropped jeans white skinny jeans 7 for all mankind

amrita singh gold necklace bib necklace

white top open back top white open back top
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind, Top: French Connection (in yellow), Shoes: Just Fab, Bag: Chanel

open back white top french connection open back top

white outfit white jeans white top all white

January 6, 2015

Freezing Rain

sweater weather black skinny jeans

The New Year is finally here!  I headed down to Miami for the Christmas holiday, but headed back to NY for NYE and a house full of guests.  The last guest left Sunday and now it is time to unwind.  I've been on the go for two full weeks and ready to relax.  I had such a great time in Miami where it was 80 degrees every day and had to ask myself every day why I ever left.  Coming back to New York was even harder with the cold weather, snow and freezing rain but that didn't stop me from heading out.  Oh well...it may not be warm but I can always brighten the day up with cute boots and a pink umbrella.  Come on snow...I'm ready for you!

I was nervous these boots from JustFab might cause me to slip but they actually had great traction.  No falling for me today!  I seem to gravitate towards grey and black in the winter months.  They are just two neutrals that always go well together and fit the season.   These waxed black jeans are from 7 for All Mankind and they are the perfect black jeans.  They are great for a day out with my chunky sweater from Walter Baker and can easily be transitioned to a night out with a cute top and blazer.  I love thick sweaters in the winter.  I've had to learn to be careful when I plan to wear sweaters though because I learned the hard way that some places will have the heat on full blast and you can end up much warmer than originally planned!

This pink umbrella was actually a last minute purchase the day before my wedding.  It was in March and the weather wasn't looking to promising and rain was expected.  Our photographer mentioned that she had taken really adorable pictures before with wedding parties holding umbrellas.  I picked up a few black and white polka dot umbrellas a few days before just in case in did rain but my husband had to run to the store the day before for something else and saw these pink ones and grabbed two.  It did end up raining a bit but the pictures came out amazing.   

7 for all mankind jeans 7 jeans 7 skinny jeans

7 for all mankind waxed skinny jeans

black waxed skinny jeans 7 for all mankind jeans
Pants: 7 for All Mankind(different color), Sweater: Walter Baker, Shoes: JustFab
waxed jeans skinny jeans black jeans