June 24, 2015

Summer Jumpsuit

Topshot jumpsuit

I've been shying away from jumpsuits for the longest time because I just didn't think it would look right on me.  They have always been too long and sometimes the top portion is not the right proportion that I need.  I walked into Topshop and saw this one hanging and noticed that the length was shorter than what I normally see on jumpsuits.  I tried it on and couldn't believe that I might actually own a jumpsuit.  I jumped, no pun intended ;) at the opportunity and walked out with it.  I couldn't wait to take this home and style it.

Before the clouds and fog took over the skyline, I was able to get great pics with the sunny skies.  I just wish the sun will stay longer these summer days but I am happy with what I can get.  This jumpsuit has spaghetti straps and a low back but with the uncertainty of the weather, I threw on a blazer.  This Theory blazer allows the pattern to pop against the white color.  The pattern is fun and whimsical and these light pink JustFab heels compliment it without overpowering it.  I wore a black belt to define my waist and got to wear my new Oakley shades for a little bit before the fog rolled in.  They have this new woman's line and it is always so hard for me to find a pair that fits my face well.  It it great knowing that Topshop made a jumpsuit that fits perfectly for my petite frame.  I can't wait to see the different ways I will style this for the summer!

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summer jumpsuit

JustFab heels theory blazer topshop jumpsuit

topshop jumpsuit
Jumpsuit: Topshop, Blazer: Theory (similar), Heels: JustFab, Shades: Oakley

topshop jumpsuit theory blazer justfab heels

Theory blazer justfab heels

June 23, 2015

Astoria Finds: Milkflower

milkflower astoria

The best part of not knowing too much about a place or not having read any reviews is that you get to be pleasantly surprised when you try it for yourself.  That is exactly what happened when I went to Milkflower, a gourmet wood-fired oven pizza spot, located at 34-12 31st Ave.  There is more than just pizza too, their menu includes Italian small plates, salads, and craft beers.  This casual restaurant is filled with friendly staff that are very helpful in pointing you to the perfect pizza for you.

We started off sharing the wood roasted meatballs and each ordered our own pizza.  When the food is really good, I have a hard time sharing, lol.  I had the spicy soppressata and my husband had the queen.  The food was outstanding, the crust was crunchy and soft and the amount of cheese was perfection.  All the flavors melded well together and every bite was scrumptious.  We ended out  meal with gelato that did not disappoint.  Overall, the service is exceptional and the food speaks for itself.  I've walked by this establishment so many times and can't believe it took me so long to go inside but I am very happy that I did and now Milkflower is my go to pizza restaurant!

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Astoria pizza

pizza in astoria restaurant in astoria

Milkflower astoria

June 11, 2015

Summer BBQ's

H&M dress scarf print dress

You know its summer when people from Miami start heading up to New York!  Last weekend, I had two close friends that were in town for various family events.  Both had barbecue's on Saturday and my family also chose the same day to throw their summer get together.  I love going to barbecues, the food, the catching up and spending quality time with loved ones.  Miraculously, I was able to attend all three and spend ample time with everyone, especially those from out of town.  Luckily for me, all three were approximately ten minutes from each other.  It was great seeing my friends and spending quality time with my family who I don't get to see as often as I would like.

The weather was beautiful and allowed me to wear this scarf print dress from H&M, perfect New York summer wear.   I picked this dress up back in March but it was a tricky spring with much colder than expected temperatures.  The asymmetrical hem on this dress added depth yet the dress felt very light.  The soft blue color is a welcome change from the navy blue I normally wear.  Paired it with these super comfy sandals from JustFab that will see a lot of wear for the next few months!  Light and airy outfits will be part of my summer staples.

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H&M dress justfab shoes

summer dress scarf print dress H&M dress

H&M dress scarf print dress just fab shoes
Dress: H&M, Shoes: JustFab

H&M dress

June 1, 2015

Red Stripe

French connection cotton dress

The past two weeks have been busy with traveling and packing/moving for a new apartment.  I went down to Orlando and Tampa for the Memorial Day weekend and came back to find out we could move into our new apartment.  The entire next week has been dedicated to packing and moving.  We are finally moved in but everything is still in boxes.  Before leaving town though, my husband and I did get to enjoy the sunny weather before this rain took over.  

I wore this striped dress to dinner and movie night with my husband a two weekends ago.  We went to see The Avengers, Age of Ultron.  I have been bingeing on Marvel movies for the past month.  I only just saw the first Avengers movie recently and loved it and then proceeded to watch each characters movie because I just needed to know more about them.  With that, Captain America was by far my favorite movie from the series!  Okay, enough about the movies, even thought I still have more to watch!

For dinner, we went to Milkflower for their amazing wood oven pizzas.  I'll have more information coming soon about the restaurant.  It was such a beautiful day and I felt like being a littler brighter than usual.  This striped dress from French Connection was perfect for my date night.  Anytime I ask my husband what he would like to see me wear, he always just says something "tight and sexy".  He is very silly.  This dress fits comfortably without being tight.  I adore these fringed heels I got from JustFab.  They add a bit of fun to the outfit.  Can't wait to wear them more this summer, as soon as the clouds go away!

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black fringe heels just fab heels

just fab heels fringe heels

french connection dress prada wallet

prada wallet

french connection dress

french connection dress