August 19, 2015

Sleep No More

sleep no more

Like I said before, I'm am so into this romper rage!  I like the casual shorts romper, long pants jumpsuit and now this flowy, dress-like romper.  Its fun, its sexy, and its playful.  I wore it to go out one night to attend the Sleep No More show.  Sleep No More is an interactive theater experience that allows you to choose how you enjoy it.  Its very different from anything I have ever seen before.  You do spend a lot of time walking from floor to floor to view the various performers.  Luckily for me, my JustFab strappy heels are very comfortable.  I didn't know to much about the show but it was great knowing that these shoes wouldn't stop me from enjoying it.  What I love more than heels are extremely comfortable heels!!!

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romper trend

Vintage chanel purse
Romper: Astoria Boutique, Shoes: JustFab, Purse: Chanel
my hair blowout blowdry romper

sleep no more

sleep no more nyc

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  1. Cute outfit, BUT what really keeps grabbing my attention is your hair!!!!