September 23, 2015

Wynwood Walls

wynwood walls astoria in heels

I headed home to Miami for Labor Day Weekend and had such a great time.  I was mainly busy with a wedding for the first three days I was there but made sure to extend our trip so we would have time to enjoy Miami.  I am so happy we made that decision.  The weather was perfect and gave us time to have brunch with friends and explore all the neighborhoods I do not normally get a chance to go to.  

The Wynwood Walls in the Wynwood Arts district are located just between Midtown and Downtown Miami.  It has taken the art scene in Miami to another level.  It consists of large murals painted throughout the neighborhood by various artists representing over 16 countries.  Each artist brings their own character and personality to their piece.  The colors are vibrant and exciting.  It is a joy just to walk among these incredible works of art.  

I had the pleasure of being accompanied by a good friend of mine to the Wynwood Walls.  He is an amazing artist as well as has painted a mural in the Wynwood neighborhood.  You can see a picture of it below, it is titled "4 Crane" by Nate Dee.  This is just one of his many murals you can see beautifying the streets of Miami.    

I kept my outfit simple because I really wanted the backdrop to be the focus.  These navy high waisted shorts from Zara and crop top found in a boutique in Astoria were the great combination of artsy and cute for this outing.  Summer is officially over now in New York so I am happy I was able to wear these open toe sandals from JustFab during my time down in Miami.  This simple outfit packs a lot of punch but at the same time, doesn't compete with the murals.  I am so thankful I finally made it over here and had the pleasure of this experience.

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Wynwood walls astoria in heels
Shorts: Zara, Shirt: boutique in Astoria, Heels: JustFab, purse: Chanel

wynwood walls

wynwood walls miami arts district

MIami artist Nate Dee 4 Crane wynwood

Wynwood walls miami

September 22, 2015

Astoria Finds: Gossip Coffee

bacon guinness donuts and coffee

There are many cute coffee shops in Astoria and I stumbled into another one the other day.  Gossip Coffee, located on 37-04 30th Ave, is perfectly located on the 30th Avenue strip of restaurants.  They have a great vibe inside and paid so much attention to the detailed styling of the shop.  The staff is lovely and friendly.  They take they work seriously and make every cup of coffee a piece of art.  In addition to the amazing coffee, they make Guinness stout donuts....What!!!!   I love Guinness and I love donuts so this was something I had to try.  It did not disappoint.  They also serve various flavored rice puddings for those of you who want to try something different than your traditional ice cream.  

Gossip Coffee has the cutest back patio.  This was great for the summer, sipping on a drink and hanging out with friends.  There is also plenty of table space inside for those wanting to take their studies there.  I am looking forward to visiting when the weather gets chillier and I am certainly going back for more donuts.  Gossip Coffee is a welcome addition to Astoria!

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rice pudding astoria coffee shop

Gossip Coffee shop in Astoria

Gossip Coffee astoria

Gossip Coffee Astoria

Gossip Coffee Astoria

Gossip Coffee Astoria

September 17, 2015

Yellow Lace & Wedding Inspiration

Zara lace dress Astoria in heels

Over Labor Day weekend, I headed to Miami for a childhood friend's wedding.  I was her matron of honor and she was my maid of honor last year for my wedding.   I started this blog hoping to inspire and encourage others to be happy with what they wear.  I didn't realize what other ways I also inspired those around me.  I found out that my friend was inspired by my wedding and all the extra parts that I added that she wanted to include them in her wedding as well.  It was so flattering to see the Tassa band outside the church and steel pan player during the cocktail hour.  These musical acts are big in our culture and I am happy she could incorporate them into her wedding as well.  The best part was when I was surprised to find out my niece was doing a contemporary Indian dance at her wedding reception.  The dance was beautiful and I am happy I could inspire and help create such a beautiful day.  

For the rehearsal brunch, I wore this Zara lace number.  I am such a huge fan of Zara.  Their clothing fits very well into my life, between work and social events, I can always find something there.  This lace dress was casual yet elegant for this gorgeous sunny day in Miami.  Another great note about this dress, it goes so well with my wedding shoes!  I am always happy when I have the opportunity to wear these shoes.  They always bring such great memories with me!  They are my favorite pair by far. Do you have a pair that always reminds you of something special?

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Chanel bag Astoria in Heels

Astoria in heels jeweled heels

zara lace yellow dress astoria in heels

zara lace yellow dress chanel bag astoria in heels

zara lace dress

September 16, 2015

Silk prints

Astoria in Heels silk Theory pants

Fall is coming but I still want summer and I'm not ready for it to be over!  I refuse to pull out any fall attire as yet, I can't let go.  I know it's been really hot but I'm not looking forward to cold weather.  Why can't it just stay warm!

On a particularly  hot day, these silk pants came to my rescue.  I don't own many loose pants like these but I wish I did.  They are so soft and comfortable.  This white top is from a small boutique on Steinway  in Astoria and has been my go to top for these warmer than usual days.  Having a versatile white top like this can really be paired with almost anything!  My Rocksbox necklace went well with this top and is one of the many outfits I styled with their set.

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Astoria in Heels silk theory pants

Astoria in Heels Oakley women

Astoria in Heels silk theory pants

Astoria in Heels JustFab heels

Astoria in heels rocks box it girl

September 13, 2015

Black and White

Hanger boutique

Summer is about long days and short skirts.  For my husband's birthday, we spent the day at a rooftop pool with friends and family.  We all had such a great time.  Birthdays are the time of year when you get to do whatever you want and have no cares in the world.  I made sure my husband enjoyed every minute.

For his celebration I wore this skirt that he picked out!  Fortunately, he has a great sense of fashion.  I picked it up at one of my favorite boutiques in Astoria, Hanger.  Originally I thought it was too short but he quickly pointed out that it was fine and that I shouldn't worry.  Sometimes I wonder why I listen to him.  It was short!  But it was so cute and I just made sure to be extra careful when I sat and danced, definitely no twerking in this skirt.  Black and white goes so well together so I wore this long sleeved Theory blouse and black pointed toe pumps.  Short skirts are definitely fun but only for the summer!

Thank you for reading,


white skirt

summer outfit in NYC

black and white outfit

summer outfit in NYC

black and white outfit Gucci clutch

Gucci clutch

September 1, 2015

Astoria Finds: New York Doghouse

Astoria restaurants

Sometimes you just want a good old hot dog!   And that is exactly what you get at New York Dog House in Astoria.  Found on 37-06 30th Avenue, this cute restaurant with a lovely patio, serves up 15 different styles of hot dog, from the classic NY'er with house made sauerkraut to the Philly Cheez Dog made with grilled rib eye steak.  If you are trying to diet, don't find yourself here.  This is definitely the place for indulgence of the best kind.

NY Doghouse also has a great selection of cocktails.  I had JD's Honey Lemonade and it was quite refreshing.  I've noticed that I have really been opting for refreshing cocktails this summer instead of my usual scotch drinks.  I enjoy tasting the different concoctions each place has to offer and the Doghouse cocktail menu has a large number to choose from.   The back patio is a great place to host a party as well.  The staff and service was so pleasant and they really waited patiently as I kept perusing the menu trying to decide.  Overall, I can't wait to go back when that urge for a godo old hot dog arises.

Thank you for reading,


Astoria restaurants hotdogs

Astoria restaurant