January 28, 2016

Black and White Fur Vest

black and white fur vest Mandee stores

The blizzard is over and streets are slowly but surely getting cleaned up.  I really enjoyed watching the snow fall, it was definitely a beautiful site.  Luckily, I took outfit pictures before the streets were completely covered and walking around included climbing over mounds of snow.  I always enjoy wearing black and white together.  Black and white are staples to always have in your closet.  I found this striped faux fur vest from Mandee and I can't stop layering it over everything.  For this look, I kept it simple with leather panel pants and an off-white blouse.
Faux fur vests have become a wardrobe staple and now there are more options than before.  This makes layering fun and mixes it up from the single colored vests you normally would see.  They also add an extra layer of warmth this winter.  Paired with my Ted Baker pants and Theory blouse, this outfit worked well for lunch with friends.  Simple accessories such as my Amrita Singh pendant and Henri Bendel ring and bangle add the finishing touches.

Thank you for reading,


black and white stapes astoria in heels
Fur vest: Mandee stores, Pants: Ted Baker, Blouse: Theory, Shoes: Club Monaco Bag: YSL
Mandee faux fur vests black and white

Amrita Singh jewelry astoria in heels

Henri Bendel accessories

bob haircut astoria in heels

Mandee stores black and white fur vest

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January 26, 2016

No Nonsense Tights

Grey no nonsense tights Astoria in heels
Dress: Theory, Tights: No Nonsense, Bag: Henri Bendel
I am matching my furniture.  Okay, it wasn't planned but I have a serious obsession with the color gray.  We recently purchased this sectional from West Elm for the sitting space in our bedroom but there is still more to add, such as side tables, lamps, and rugs!  There is always something else you need! I have been focusing on my home decor lately but it is taking longer than I would like.   Updates to the bedroom will come later when it is more put together.

In the mean time, I need to make sure I have the right pair of tights for these colder temperatures.  These No Nonsense No Seamless Opaque tights are so far the best I have come across.  I love the grey color and their durability.  Usually, as soon as I put a pair of tights on, I spot a snag.  These did not run or sag.  These tights are soft and comfortable and are just the right amount of opaque to keep my legs warm.  They looked great all day in this pair and I especially love the grey color.  They paired perfectly with my white Theory dress.  We all know I love to wear white all year long and these grey tights help to transition this dress into the winter season.  For more seasonal effects, I threw on a grey plaid scarf and grabbed my Henri Bendel Jetsetter bag that goes with me everywhere.      

Thank you for reading,


grey and white outfit ideas no nonsense tights

Henri Bendel Jetsetter

White Theory dress

Grey no nonsense tights

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January 20, 2016

Crop tops and Hair cuts

Short hair bob cut

I feel as though a huge amount of weight has been lifted off of me.  It could have to do with the fact that I chopped off over 8 inches of my hair.  It was about time.  I grew my hair out for my wedding and its was long for about two years but I prefer my short hair.  I used to wear my hair this short on a regular basis when I lived in Miami but it was hard to do the same in New York since I was so far from my stylist.  I had gone to the same person to cut my hair for ten years so it wasn't easy trusting someone else.  This time, on my trip home, I made sure to make time to see her and I couldn't be happier.  

Short hair is perfect for Miami with how hot it is even in December.  I spent some time on South Beach and had no problem wearing this red crop top set without a jacket.  The ocean breeze was relaxing and we enjoyed cocktails on the water.  It was such a beautiful setting, seems so long ago that I used to live there.  I definitely missed home this trip but then again, I can't see myself living back there any time soon.  New York is my new home and I'll just have to layer this outfit with tights and jackets in the mean time. 

Thank you for reading,



Crop top set Aerosoles sandals
Top & skirt: Hanger boutique, Sandals: Aerosoles, Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff clutch

crop top set

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January 15, 2016

Gym Flow

Squelch it

This year I hope to share more about myself on the blog.  I write a lot about my style and try to relate it what is happening in my life but I am plan to open up even more.  One aspect of my life that is relatively new is my gym regimen.  I started going on a regular basis last September and it has now become part of my weekly routine.  My blog actually added to my new found love for the gym.  One day while reviewing pics from one of my trips home to Miami, I found some not so flattering pics of me in a pair of shorts.  This jump started my main goal to be healthier and to tone my body.   With my new job, I was finally able to find the time to fit this into my schedule. 

I head to the gym after work and need a bag I can carry my daily necessities as well as my gym clothes.  I use this Zara bag I received as a gift from a great friend of mine.  It functions as my daily bag and doubles as a gym bag.  To keep this fresh and clean, I found an amazing spray.  Squelch is a natural, scentless odor remover.  It freshens up my gym bag each night and the best part is that it has so many other uses such as freshening up around your home.  It is also safe to use in your hair and on your skin because it is fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic.  Squelch is cute and compact and can easily go from my gym bad to my purse.  It comes in handy when I am running from the office to the gym and then home and back again the next day!

Thank you for reading,


Squelch it

January 12, 2016

Fierce Simplicity One-Piece

South Beach Miami bathing suit

Whenever I head down to Miami for the holidays, I usually spend all my time by my family.  This time, I planned to stay two extra days and spend them on South Beach.  It was nice to actually "vacation" in Miami for a change.  After the hectic holiday season, it was relaxing to have nothing planned and have your biggest decision to be whether to lay out by the pool or on the beach.  I am so thrilled that we decided to do this and I can't wait to plan these getaways more often. 

In preparation for our stay at the Gale Hotel, I had to buy a new bathing suit.  I have been trying to workout consistently at the gym and I felt I was ready to treat myself to a "sexy" bathing suit.  This suit is definitely not like any other that I own.  It is a bandaged one-piece from Fierce Simplicity.  I was worried that it may not fit well or compliment me but it turned out to be the perfect size and hugged in all the right and not wrong places!!!  This swimsuit was not only comfortable but also insanely affordable.  Fierce Simplicity has a number of gorgeous suits at great prices.   Looking forward to my next beach vacation to wear this again!  And my husband loved it!

Thank you for reading,


sexy swimwear south beach miami Astoria in Heels

one-piece black swimsuit astoria in heels

South Beach Miami one piece swimsuit

South Beach Miami one piece swimsuit

South Beach Miami one piece swimsuit
Swimsuit: Fierce Simplicity
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January 11, 2016

Leather Jacket

zara leather jacket astoria in heels

Winter here in New York has been all over the place.  One minute there are artic freeze temperatures and the next, it feels like spring.  I really don't mind because I will take the warmer temperatures any day but it is creating confusion on what to plan to wear to work each day.  On one of the rare warm days, I got away with going bare legged.  I know I was probably pushing it but it turned out fine, luckily!

The classic black skirt is an essential for the office.  It is easy to wear, match with, and layer.  I wore it with this cropped sweater and dusted off my Zara leather jacket for fun.  It looks a bit biker but then again, I don't keep my jacket on while in the office.  My JustFab heels were a great pattern contrast to my top and my Henri Bendel Jetsetter bag finished off the look.  This is a time when I put pieces together that I would normally wear with other items.  It was fun piecing this outfit together.  It just goes to show how many different outfits you have in your closet just from mixing it up. 

Thank you for reading,


Henri Bendel Jetsetter Bag Astoria in heels

justfab heels astoria in heels

leather jacket astoria in heels

black office skirt leather jacket zara
Jacket: Zara, skirt: Tahari, Sweater: Hanger (Astoria boutique), Heels: JustFab, Bag: Henri Bendel
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January 7, 2016

Duck Duck Goose

Maison Jules sweater Astoria in heels

Fashion should be fun.  Everything you wear should be something you love and enjoy being out in.  Thats how I feel about this sweater.  Whats more fun that ducks?  This adorable sweater from Maison Jules in Macy's is adorable and it also happens to be gray, a color I find myself gravitating to in the fall.  These purple heels add that pop of color and tie in with my white jeans that you will always find me in, regardless of the season!  

Make sure when you are cleaning out your closet, that every piece you keep is something you love and enjoy wearing.  Clothing should make you happy and once you love everything in your closet, it makes getting dressed each day that much easier.

Thank you for reading,


gray sweater maison jules macy's

Maison jules sweater gray sweater

Maison Jules duck sweater Astoria in Heels
Maison Jules Sweater Astoria in Heels
Sweater: Maison Jules, Jeans: 7 For All Mankind, Heels: (old)

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