June 30, 2016

White Out

white loose fitting dress

Summer weather has been a mix of hot and humid days and cool and vibrant nights.  Either way, outdoor dining is in full swing.  I was invited by a good friend to join her for a white dinner party in Brooklyn at the Prospect Park.  Six thousand people showed up all dressed in white.  Attendees brought food and decorated their tables with flair.  There were even chandeliers on display.  There was a live band and everyone was having a great time.  This was my first white dinner experience and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The best part was the surprise guest performance by Talib Kweli...only in New York!

I purchased this white dress from Mango during my trip to Italy.  I had another white themed birthday party the month before so this was perfect for both occasions.  Its lightweight as well so it keeps me cool during these hot summer days.  I spiced up the dress with this Amrita Singh necklace and JustFab lace up heels.

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lace up heels astoria in heels astoria new york

Furla julia bag black mini purse

Gucci sunglasses and statement necklace

Justfab lace up heels

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June 19, 2016

Milan Again

Milan Italy vacation

Oh Milan, you take my breath away!  On the last leg of our vacation, we headed back to Milan where the sun was shining the brightest!  This was perfect since it was much chillier when we went last year.  This also made the gelato that much better.  We spent the last two days of our trip relaxing and shopping.  It was definitely relaxing and a great way to end our trip.  I kept it casual and cool in this all white H&M dress and wore these leather open-toe booties that I purchased in Rome earlier that week.  Didn't want to leave but look forward to the next time!

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2 days in Milan

white H&M dress

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June 10, 2016


Venice italy vacation

So I have heard many mixed reviews about the city of Venice so I didn't really know what to expect.  But let me tell you, I arrived and I instantly fell in love with this city.  It is so romantic and adorable.  It is an adventurers dream, narrow streets to explore and get lost in, canals to peruse, shops and restaurants to poke into.  I love it!  Venice is insanely beautiful to me and I would love to go back.  The weather was crisp and the people were friendly.  The food was superb and the scenery was magical.  We left every morning and explored all day.  Lots of walking but it was the best time ever!
Next stop...Milan!

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Venice Canals

Venice Canal vacation
Pants: Zara, Top: Theory, Vest: Theory, Purse: Furla

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June 9, 2016

Roma, Italy

Rome Vacation

For our first anniversary last year, my husband and I went to Milan, Italy and we loved it.  We decided to head back again this year and also check out a few more cities.  Our first stop was Rome.  There is so much history there and we got in at night and headed right out to La Fontana de Trevi.  It was such a spectacular site.  The lights, the water falling, the sculptures were all amazing and breathtaking.  The next day we thought we would head to Vatican city and then explore more of Rome.  Boy were we surprised when we ended up spending over 5 hours in Vatican City alone.  Going through the museums and being in the beauty that is St Peters Basilica was so magical that we didn't bother rushing.  We did not get to venture much more after that since our hunger got the best of us.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner and said good bye to Rome!  Next stop...Venice!

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10 days in Italy

2 days in Rome italy

Italy vacation

Rome vacation

sightseeing in Rome Italy