August 27, 2016

Green Mango Dress & 6 Month Pregnancy Update

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I can't believe I am already six months pregnant.  Time is really flying, I felt like I just announced the pregnancy.  Its been interesting finding pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear with my bump.
 I haven't really purchased any maternity clothes as yet but the time is definitely getting near.  This relaxed dress is from Mango and I have been wearing it all summer.  It is a great transition piece for my growing bump.  The fabric is lightweight, breathable and perfect pregnancy fashion.  I will definitely be able to wear this dress throughout the pregnancy.   I wore this dress with one of my summer staples, these open toe booties I purchased on my trip to Rome earlier this year.  The block heel allows me to feel safer when running around town.  Paired with a denim jacket or worn alone, this dress is a summer favorite.

So far, I must say that I haven't had a bad pregnancy.  I didn't have bad morning sickness during the first or second trimester.  Now, during the sixth month, there have been a few symptoms that have creeped up.  

I started to experience heartburn right before going to sleep.  I noticed that when I had a glass of milk before bedtime, it relieved any heartburn I would have so now I have my nightly glass and don't have to worry about the heartburn.  Second, I fully have the linea negra...the dark vertical line that runs all the way down my abdomen.  It's definitely interesting to see the different changes in my body.  Fortunately, I do have my energy.  I have been feeling good for the most part and have made a point to keep going to the gym.  Lastly, I now have constant nasal congestion, known as pregnancy rhinitis.    It does make it a bit difficult to sleep but definitely manageable.  

I have to be honest, for so many years, I would worry about gaining so much weight during pregnancy and having a belly.  Now that I am pregnant, I love my belly.  It is so pretty to me and I couldn't be happier every time I look at it.  I know I just was not in the right state of mind all those years ago and everything is happening now when its supposed to!  I am feeling all these movements and kicks and I am in awe of what our human bodies are capable of.  I am so in love with this baby, I just can't control it!  

By the way, I do not what we are having and will be sharing soon!

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