August 30, 2016

Pink Stripes in Lancaster

Multi striped dress Le Tote dress

The weekend before last, we headed to Lancaster, PA, to celebrate my good friend's 40th birthday.  One of my friends from Miami moved there many years ago after getting married
and having children so its nice to have close friends not too far away from me in New York.  Another bonus was seeing how many people came into town from Miami for the festivities.  We had a mini Miami reunion in Lancaster and I had the best time ever!  I love seeing old friends.  Its always as though no time has passed and we always pick up right where we left from.

Lancaster is beautiful, it is nice to see so much greenery where you are able to see for miles down a field.  The town is not complicated with high-rises sticking out at every corner and everyone is so friendly.  I was in a great mood heading over there and this dress complimented my mood.  The bright colors and fun stripe pattern matched my personality and kept my comfort level at an all time high.  This dress screams birthday party!  

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Pink multi striped dress Le Tote maternity style

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