April 14, 2019

Fun Things to do with Kids in Miami

things to do with kids in miami, perez art museum

It's already April and I am back to work.  I returned to New York one week before starting at the office as I tried to stay in Miami for as long as possible.  I had the opportunity to enjoy so much with my daughter Chloé.  The weather really gave us the chance to spend time outdoors and enjoy the many great spots Miami has to offer.  Miami is definitely known for being a party town but I found a great number of places to enjoy with children.  Here are my top five:

1.  Perez Art Museum- this modern and contemporary art museum has a free second Saturdays program.  Every second Saturday features hands-on activities for children and adults as well as guided tours and occasional guests and performers.  Chloé enjoyed working on an art project on the patio of the museum before we went in to view the exhibits.  There were so many families and children taking part.  It was nice seeing young kids being involved in the arts.  This is entertaining and a great learning experience for children.

 2.  Slime Factory-  I found this while walking around The Falls shopping plaza and I knew I had to come back with Chloé.  This is a 4000 sq. ft lab where slime lovers can immerse themselves in a sensory experience.  Children are able to make their own slime and add different items to their recipe.  There is also a slime pool they can dip their hands into and so many great spots for pictures to show your mad scientist side!  This was a playful experience that is sure to delight.

things to do with kids in miami, slime factory at the falls miami

3. Local Playgrounds-  I was lucky to have found a number of playgrounds close to the areas that I stayed in during my time in Miami.  I would walk Chloé over and she would have a blast.  It was great bonding time for us.  She enjoyed the slides and swings and playing with other children.  The best part was not having to bundle her up in winter gear and her being able to truly enjoy the outdoors.

things to do with kids in miami, local playgrounds

4.  Miami Children's Museum-  this museum was such a pleasant surprise for me.  It is such a huge space and there is so much to do.   There are interactive exhibits, programs and learning materials related to arts, culture, and community.  This museum really wants the kids to play and get involved in each exhibit.  I really liked how each exhibit encouraged the kids to take part in activities that expanded their knowledge of the community.  The supermarket area was one of Chloé's favorites.  I also had a hard time getting her out of the animal center where she got to play veterinarian.  There is also a health and wellness center, music zone, and an art area.  The rooms are large and not crowded.  I highly recommend this museum for the kids.

things to do with kids in miami, miami children museum

things to do with kids in miami, miami children museum

5.  Zoo Miami-  my favorite place that I took Chloé to was the Miami Zoo.  This is because I remember going as a child, I just didn't remember how big it was!  There are so many exhibits and the animals are front and center, you can see them right away as you walk up.  It was so mesmerizing seeing the elephants, lions, and zebras, to name a few.  The Zoo has all the tropical gardens needed for these animals which allows you to be really close up.  The best part of the day was feeding the giraffes.  What an experience!

things to do with kids in miami, miami zoo, feeding the giraffes

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